Adopt a Mongolian Camel

& support herders of the South Gobi

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Adopt a camel

As a very small contribution to the livestock industry in the South Gobi we have established a scheme designed to provide direct assistance to selected herders. We call this our ‘Adopt a Mongolian Camel’ program. We purchase animals from selected herders but leave the animals in the care of the original herder. The original owner of these livestock cares for our animals in return for the wool and milk produced by the animals and a share of the offspring. Our aim is to:

a) inject liquidity into the livestock sector;
b) assist herders to adjust out of the industry if they choose; and in the longer term
c) provide a direct demonstration of improved livestock management and breeding practices with the animals that we own.

We use our own resources to purchase livestock as well as accept donations under the ‘Adopt a Mongolian Camel’ program from individuals who wish to participate in the program. Anyone who adopts a camel can arrange to visit their camel at their own expense (and at the herder’s convenience). While we can provide no assistance with such visits we are happy to keep you informed of the herder’s circumstances and of your camel’s health.