Adopt a Mongolian Camel

& support herders of the South Gobi

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If you are interested in receiving further information regarding our ‘Adopt a Mongolian Camel’ program please email Brian or Anna Fisher at or

Regarding donation amounts, we willingly accept small donations that we can aggregate into larger sums  to contribute to infrastructure improvements that are agreed to by the herder community.

For $US100 we can assist a herder to vaccinate her whole flock against common diseases that occur in the south Gobi or engage a veterinarian to assist with more difficult animal disease management issues.

For camel adoption, we ‘adopt a Mongolian camel’ at the prevailing market price of a two year old female camel. In May 2014 the market price was $US800.

If you are eager to participate, please contact Brian or Anna to receive the ‘Adopt a Mongolian Camel’ banking details.

Payments can also be made securely via the PayPal ‘Pay Now’ button with a credit card or PayPal account.

As mentioned in recent activities, South of Siberia will donate AUD$5 from the sale of each of their shirts to the ‘Adopt a Mongolia Camel’ program. Please see their website for more details and to view their clothing range.

You may also submit any enquiries in the form below.